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February 9, 2024

Dickie V's Super 6 Point Guards

To win big in today’s game, it is beneficial to have an extension of the coach on the floor with a quality point guard. As a former coach, the two things I looked for in a player in that role are those that can effectively create shots for their teammates and those who can contain penetration defensively. Certainly, the ability to make perimeter shots is a big time plus, but court vision and the ability to disrupt plays are keys on every possession.

Likewise, big time point guards are the floor generals who are relied upon to make the offense efficient while making sure the team is in the correct defense on the other end. That’s why having a PTPer at the point guard spot is key.

And so, here’s my All-Dickie V Super 6 Point Guards in alphabetical order:

Dajuan Harris, Kansas Jayhawks

An agile and skilled point guard, Dajuan Harris is one of the top assist-to-turnover ratio players in the Big 12 with solid defensive skills. He’s increased his assists per game total every year, topping at a career-best 6.6 this season.

PPG: 7.4, RPG: 2.0, APG: 6.6, SPG: 1.5

Tyler Kolek, Marquette Golden Eagles

Tyler Kolek is one of the top skilled playmakers who can shoot and pass the ball. He’s been outstanding at distributing the basketball throughout his career and runs the point to a tee. He’s a bit too unselfish, but he has a solid feel for the game.

PPG: 15.1, RPG: 4.8, APG: 7.2; SPG: 1.7

Tristen Newton, UConn Huskies

Not only is he a tall playmaker who can score in a variety of ways, but Tristen Newton is one of those PTPers who I love to watch pass the ball. He can score off the dribble and has the athleticism that makes him a solid rebounder.

PPG: 15.9, RPG: 6.8, APG: 5.7; SPG: 1.2

Reed Sheppard, Kentucky Wildcats

Reed Sheppard is that rare combination that excels at both guard positions. We knew he could score and pass but has proven to be a better athlete. He’s still learning the college game but has been a shining star among the freshman class.

PPG: 12.3, RPG: 4.3, APG: 4.2; SPG: 2.3

Braden Smith, Purdue Boilermakers

Braden Smith continues his improvement on the floor, especially in 3-point shooting at 42%. He’s raised his profile in every major stat category and makes Purdue’s high-powered offense run.

PPG: 12.4, RPG: 5.4, APG: 7.3; SPG: 1.5

Isaiah Stevens, Colorado State Rams

Isaiah Stevens is another in a long line of athletic, skilled playmakers who can score in many ways. He’s improved his ability at the point and is getting better at defending.

PPG: 16.6, RPG: 3.0, APG: 7.1; SPG: 1.5

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